user testing in 2021
Mark Müürsoo January 28

User testing in 2021: why choose Sharewell?

hiring testers
Mark Müürsoo November 6

Hiring testers: targeting and budget control tools

new user testing environment
Mark Müürsoo September 23

New user testing environment and platform

moderated user testing
Mark Müürsoo September 3

Moderated usability testing tool: Live Sessions

in-house testers
Mark Müürsoo August 7

Including in-house testers on Sharewell

Mark Müürsoo July 9

Using speech-to-text to save time

test mobile sites
Mark Müürsoo June 25

Sharewell now offers a way to test mobile sites

Igor Murujev June 1

Cannot share the entire screen (MacOS)

Testing product with real users
Sten Kreisberg April 7

Use your audience to test the product

Testing design prototypes
Igor Murujev March 5

Testing Design Prototypes