Real-world user testing
with your target audience.

Get immediate feedback on your product, service or website. Make better decisions with customer insights. Stay ahead of the competition - listen to your customers. With the right insight you can improve your product, catch the newest trends and make better business decisions.

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Sharewell has the audience you want

We have a large and rapidly growing pool of testers. We can segment them by age, sex, relationship status, income, lifestyle and so on. You set the parameters you want and we’ll send the test to the right people.

Customer feedback is important - and you know it

Top performing companies understand an important role that customer feedback plays in business. They consistently listen to the voice of their clients. If you want to stay ahead of competition you should never stop listening to customer feedback.

Improve Products

Feedback helps you ensure that the end product will actually meet customer expectations, solve their problems and fulfill their needs.

Reduce churn rate

Are there issues in your product that make customers leave you? Only one way to find out.

Better business Decisions

Where to get tangible data to help you make the right business decisions? That’s right, ask your target audience.

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Here's how it works

With Sharewell getting the feedback from your potential customers is dead simple.

Define your customer profile

Define criteria like gender, age, location etc. Just figure out what your customer looks like and Sharewell will find them.

Build a test

Create tests or surveys for your target customers to complete. Feedback from your target audience is the best source of actionable insight.

Get feedback, fast

Get the responses you need in days, or even in hours. Statistics and reports will help you to understand what customers think about your idea or product.

What makes us special?


There used to be two kinds of user-testing – professional testing staff and online surveys for generic public. Sharewell changes the situation. We offer an innovative way to get real-world feedback from people that exactly match your target audience.



Sharewell has a built-in quality control. If a test is meant to take around 30 minutes, but user finishes it in less than 3 minutes, we can’t take it seriously and we’ll exclude that user. Sharewell only shares proper feedback.


High-quality targeting

Would you want feedback from an unemployed student when selling high-end products? Neither do we. That’s why we offer precise targeting (demographic, income, lifestyle and other options). Even better, you can give us a criteria that we don’t have and we’ll find you people who match your target audience!


Your potential customers are right here!

It is always a big challenge to find your first customers and get a feedback about your new product. Sharewell does it all for you – we bring the customers and motivate them to try your product.

Sharewell - a better way to get user feedback