User testing you can afford

Use the platform for free for 14 days.

Only pay for testers.

The subscription includes:

✅ Simple test builder

✅ Unlimited user sessions

✅ AI-based session analysis tool

✅ Testers recruitment

  • Age and gender
  • Location
  • Speaking languages
  • Education, working status and industry

The subscription is only

29.99/ month

49.99€ / month

+ additional recruitment cost

Pricing FAQ

No, the credit card is not required for trial. When trial period ends your subscription will be automatically canceled. You can re-activate it adding your card at any time.

Yes. During the billing configuration you can skip adding the credit card. To have ability to use Sharewell paying by invoice you must add your billing address on subscription management page.

Yes. You are free to set any price and amount of recruited testers needed during the test configuration. This cost will be automatically charged from you on the test complete and added to a current subscription invoice.

Of course! Choose an “Own Testers” option during the test building and send a link to your participants. No additional charge will be added for your own testers sessions.