Use Sharewell for free for 1 month!

You only pay for study participants during the trial period. And you choose the payouts.

1 month free trial

Unlimited studies

Create and launch as much studies as you need.

Unlimited sessions

You decide how many study sessions you would like to receive for a study.
The number of sessions per study and the duration for a single session is unlimited.

Access for all team members

Invite your colleagues and share the study results with them. The number of team members you invite is unlimited as well.

Recruit participants from Sharewell's panel

Use demographic, location, working and education filters to find the perfect target audience for your study.

Invite your own audience for free

You can launch studies with your own participants with no extra charge. Just send a generated link to complete the study to your own customers.

The subscription is only

49.99/ month

+ additional recruitment cost

Want us to give you a personal demo?

Book a call with us and we’ll show you how the platform works. We can also help you with your research goal.

What we offer?

Online Platform

Sharewell is a cloud-based platform that is accessible from any place. No software installation, no setup fees.

Testers Recruitment

Thousands of insiders are ready to give you their honest feedback and help make your product better.

Fast Results

For 75% of the studies launched on our platform, results will be received during the same day.

Analysis Tools

Use the power of artificial intelligence to speed up the feedback analysis.

Pricing FAQ

No, credit card information is not required for trial. When the trial period ends your subscription will be automatically canceled. You can re-activate it adding your card at any time.

Yes. You are free to set any price and amount of recruited participants needed during the configuration. This cost will be automatically charged from you on study completion and added to a current subscription invoice.

Of course! Choose an “Own Testers” option during the test building and send a link to your participants. No additional charge will be added for sessions with your own participants.