User testing

The sign up process on our platform takes only 5 seconds. Right after signing up, you can immediately start creating as many studies as you wish. During the 14-day trial period, you are eligible to create and launch studies with no limits.

To get appropriate results from the study we recommend to define clear and understandable instructions for testers. Try to keep your scenarios abstract as well. For example, instead of “Click the registration button and fill the form” use “Please, register an account”. That way you provoke the tester to think and find a solution to the given prompt, instead of mindlessly following instructions.

Sharewell has also created templates to use in your studies in case you have troubles putting together a study on your own. These templates have been prepared by UX professionals and tested during real studies.

After launching your study with your own testers, an unique link will be generated for you. You can then share this link with your testers using any comfortable way you prefer – email, messenger or any other channels.

If you recruit testers via Sharewell, your study will go under review. Our support team will review the content and approve or reject the study. You will receive a notification about the result of the review. We’ll also provide a list of changes you need to make in case of rejection. The review process takes from 20 minutes to 12 hours, but on average our team reviews new studies in 30 minutes.

When your study is approve, our platform starts to search for the suitable testers and invite them to participate in the study.

The study result is the set of videos recorded during tester sessions. We record the testers’ screen, their web camera feed and microphone input. You can see testers’ behaviour throughout the test and hear their thoughts.

Aside from video recordings, you can get:

  • full tester profile information like gender, age, working, and personal statuses;
  • a list of actions made by testers on your website;
  • testers’ engagement during the study session, estimated by our emotional analysis tool;
  • testers’ speech-to-text transcription;
  • average times spent per scenario.

The study page provides overall statistics in the form of charts across all study sessions, showing scenario averages and demographics of testers who participated in your study.

Study completion times are related to the audience you are looking for. The more specific your targeting requirements are, the more time it might take to populate your tester goal. Abstract recruitment targets like “People from 20 to 50 years old” will be found very fast and the study could be completed on the same day. Complex or rare targets can take up to 5 days depending on the number of participants you are looking for.


Of course! For every study, you can decide if you wish to invite your own testers or recruit them from Sharewell’s network. Sessions with your own testers are free of charge and no additional recruitment fee is applied.

Sharewell’s network of testers consists of people of all ages, backgrounds and working industries. Employees, business owners, retirees, people with or without children, married or single. And most of all – with no special technical education in user testing, just like your potential customers.

Every tester profile goes through a personal review from our support team. No tester can be invited to your study without passing this profile review.

The algorithm for testers’ rotation and the invitation process is a secret of ours. It is impossible to predict or fraud the invitation process by providing wrong information.

In the process of building your new study on the platform, we provide a simple and comfortable targeting tool. The recruitment targeting tool allows you to define the gender, age, location, working status and industry, personal status, and even the amount of children in any combination. You just tell us what type of testers you are looking for and we will find them.

It is up to you to decide how much you would like to pay the tester for participating in your study! We are not forcing any numbers or budgets but can give some recommendations during the study preparation.

This makes you feel comfortable to run the studies in different countries, with different life earning levels. 

The only thing you must consider: the higher payouts you set for testers, the sooner you will get high-quality results. It also works all the way around – the less is the payout, the less is the tester’s interest to participate.

Pricing and payments

The free trial period ends 14 days after the sign up.

No, the credit card is not required for trial. When the trial period ends your subscription will be automatically canceled. You can reactivate it by adding your card at any time.

Sharewell subscription costs 49.99€ per month. We have no complex packages or hidden fees. Any additional expenses are optional and described at the place where they can be applied.

Yes. You are free to set any price and amount of recruited testers needed during the study configuration. All recruitment charges will be added to your next invoice as separate order items at the beginning of the next month on top of the subscription cost.

Testers’ earnings and taxes are covered by Sharewell and happen automatically.

If you attached your credit card to an account the subscription will be renewed until you cancel it. Otherwise, the subscription will be canceled automatically. 

You can still access any studies and results you launched before the cancellation, but no new study could be created or started.

It is very easy! Go to the Billing page, click the “Manage subscription” button, and follow the instructions. All you need is to select the plan and attach your credit card or fill in billing information to pay by invoice.

It’s smart to ask for help if you need it

Customer support

Sten Kreisberg

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