Test creators usually understand the capabilities and resources Sharewell can offer. Sometimes some questions still arise and we would like to clear the up in this blog post.

We have compiled a series of questions that we frequently run into when talking to test creators. Here are the answers:

  • What is the most common problem test creators come to Sharewell with?

Companies are looking for answers from their real-world customers. Answers to questions like how does their product look and feel, are their software updates useful or not, and so on. We can bring companies and their real-world customers together, and if need be, help the test creators ask the right questions.

Right now we can test anything that we can attach an URL to. With Sharewell, test creators usually get all the answers in a few days’ time, so there won’t be a pause in software development processes. This is also great if you like to save time and money, as everything is done quickly – you can find suitable testers sometimes on the same day, get answers the next day and start analyzing on the third.

We also meet businesses that don’t even try testing and ship out everything without getting any feedback first. Already in 2018, businesses lost 350 million USD thanks to bad customer experiences online. This shows us that some things are still lacking and need some work to be done.

  • How does Sharewell’s subscription work?

With a subscription, you can access our platform, test websites, prototypes and as stated before, anything with an URL.

You can also add your own test users to our platform and conduct tests here. This can easily be done via e-mail or by sharing a simple link to them.

Furthermore, you can start recruiting testers for your campaigns. This can only be done with a subscription, as our free trial only lets you add your testers and create tests, recruiting new suitable testers can only be done by subscribing.

  • How confident can I be in finding my target audience from my selected country?

Right now we can cover about 95% of target audiences. If test creators need very specific audiences to participate, like in the case of Lingvist, we can also do that. To compare, this usually takes a few days though, but we haven’t failed in finding suitable testers yet.

We have already created and conducted tests in more than 20 countries.

  • Can Sharewell help me with the test creating process?

Happily! We automatically check all the new tests to see if they are neat, correct and test users understand the goal of the test. Because it’s important that our clients get their questions answered and achieve their goals, we need to make sure that everything is in order.

We have also created easily accessible templates. The questions and scenarios for these templates have been compiled by our UX professionals, who have drawn from their past experience as test runners. You can read more about our usability testing templates in a blog post on the same topic.

Any questions or suggestions about creating tests are always welcome. We can help you create the test goal, formulate questions, or even set the boundaries of your target audience. Just feel free to ask!

  • Are there any tools that can help me analyze my results?

Right now, test creators get their feedback in video form – you can see the faces and hear the voices as well as comments of testers. You get to see how the testers navigate your website, click certain pages or buttons, and so on.

We also provide timestamps on when certain tasks were completed or how long testers took to get through these tasks.

These videos and audio files can be converted to text, so the information is more accessible and more easily obtainable.

These are the answers to some of the most common questions we receive. If you have any burning questions not shown on this list, feel free to schedule a short meeting by clicking here.