Anastasiia Paskar October 24

20 User Research and UX Quotes to Inspire You

Anastasiia Paskar October 17

A Q&A session with Dominika Pałasz, UX Researcher and UX Consultant

Anastasiia Paskar October 10

How did a resume builder company deal with usability issues using Sharewell? Case study

Anastasiia Paskar October 5

A Q&A session with Joanna Cymkiewicz, Founder of Design Joanna Cymkiewicz

Anastasiia Paskar October 3

A Q&A session with Natalia Mroczek, UX Researcher at Laboratorium User Experience

Q&A session
Anastasiia Paskar September 26

A Q&A session with Joanna Dechnik, UX Designer at BB8 Studio and Michal Zapart, Senior UX Designer at DB Schenker

Top 10 Upcoming UX Conferences To Attend In 2022
Anastasiia Paskar September 19

Top 10 UX Conferences In 2022

focus groups 101
Anastasiia Paskar September 12

Focus Group 101: how can it benefit your UX research

Anastasiia Paskar September 5

Top 5 UX Research Methods and When to Use Them

Anastasiia Paskar August 30

Top 10 Books: Recommended By UX Experts