user testing features Sharewell
Elita Freiberga June 8

User testing features you might have missed in Sharewell.

UX PROS unmoderated Dan Podjed
Elita Freiberga June 6

UX PRO’S Unmoderated with Dan Podjed (transcript)

user experience vs customer experience
Elita Freiberga May 11

User Experience (UX) & Customer Experience (CX). What is the difference?

Elita Freiberga May 4

UX PRO’s Unmoderated with Eliza Lasmane (transcript)

usability testing
Elita Freiberga April 28

Achilles heel of usability testing.

test participants bias
Elita Freiberga April 12

Test participant biases.

user researcher biases and how to avoid them
Elita Freiberga April 8

User researcher cognitive biases

user experience design blogs 2022
Elita Freiberga April 4

Finest UX Design blogs in 2022

ux pro unmoderated interview
Elita Freiberga March 30

UX PRO’s Unmoderated with Marcis Mikelsons-Germs (transcript)

Elita Freiberga March 24

Sharewell vs. UserBrain