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Participants Recruitment Panel

What you get? 20k+ participant panel lets you select users from healthcare, law, supply chain and more than 24 industries in just a few seconds.

  • Screening questions to filter target audience
  • Demographic targeting options
  • Testing with own users for free


and Unmoderated 

Remote Usability Testing

Once you decide to run a remote test, choose between a moderated usability test and unmoderated usability test. How both methods benefit you?

  • Internal debates are going to be resolved by testing the issue to see how users react to the different options being discussed in your team
  • Issues are highlighted before the product is launched and, therefore, you save money on costly development
  • Feedback from the target audience helps to prioritize necessary features
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Analysis and reporting

Save your time and receive executive summary of a usability report based on either qualitative or quantitative research. Simple 3-step process will help your business stop burning budget for development of unnecessary functionalities.

  • Extensive or limited UX Audit
  • UX Workshops with UX Research & Design team
  • Usability Report prepared by specialists with 10+ years of experience

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