Earn money by giving
your honest feedback!

The best products in the world were designed and created by following one simple idea – always gather feedback from potential customers! With Sharewell you can help companies build better products. Companies need your honest feedback and thoughts about their product. 

No technical education or special knowledge is needed! 

Requirements to become a tester

Sharewell provides a web-accessible testing environment. You don’t have to install any additional programs on your computer. Access your account from any device through the Chrome browser. Here is a short list of requirements to start participating in user studies:

✅ PC or Mac computer;
✅ Integrated or external web camera;
✅ Integrated or external microphone;
✅ Chrome browser with version greater than 71. Check your Chrome version here;
✅ Sharewell free extension that helps you during the test;
✅ Eagerness to share your opinions, thoughts and ideas.

How does it work?

Upon creating a test on our platform, companies define requirements for potential test participants. These might include gender, age, location or working status requirements. If you fit these criteria, we will send you a personal invitation to participate in the test via your selected email. During the test session, we record your desktop screen, your face and your voice to see how you react to different questions and scenarios. You can control when you take these tests to fit your schedule.

Watch an example of the completed test session below.

How to start?

Sign Up

Register on Sharewell's platform. It takes just a few seconds and absolutely free. The platform is GDPR compliant and you can request full data removal at any time.

Fill your profile

Set up your tester profile with additional info. Study creators can see your profile information, but never know your name, any personal data, or contacts.

Wait for study invitations

Study creators are looking for people by selecting different criteria. When your profile fits the needed requirements, we will send you an invitation by email.

Ready to become a tester?


Tester account

It’s simple! Register an account and fill in your profile information. It takes less than 5 minutes to start.

Register your tester account here

Yes, this is absolutely free. Even more, it is you who will get paid for passing the studies!

No. The only requirement for you it to be you! Companies are searching for different individuals to participate in studies. The more information you provide about yourself, the more valuable you become as a tester.

It depends on two conditions: how many studies are active on the platform and how your profile fits the needs of these studies. Researchers are searching for testers using different criteria like age, gender, working, and personal statuses.
Sharewell matches studies with profiles all the time and as soon as we find the best match for you, we will notify you via email.

Yes, you can delete your account on the settings page in your tester cabinet.

Sharewell never shares your personal information or profile details with any 3rd-parties. Companies that run studies on our platform will see your first name and profile details under their results tab. No data that can identify you or any contact information about you is accessible to them.


The study is a set of scenarios and questions from the researcher’s company. Usually, these scenarios provide a website or prototype URL for you to visit and make some actions on. Later, the researcher will get the video recorded from your screen to see how you use the product. They will then make conclusions and fix any issues thanks to your feedback.

To start making studies you must have a personal computer with a web camera and microphone, as well as a Chrome browser installed with a version higher than 71.

No software is needed to be installed to participate in any studies on our platform. We ask you to apply Sharewell’s Chrome browser extension from the confirmed Chrome Web Store page. The extension is safe and approved by the team at Google. It is used to operate with browser windows, hide your tabs from video, and to collect behavior data during the study.

Yes, when the study is finished you can see the result video preview. When the video is processed, you can see it in your account history at any time.

You will get paid as soon as the study is fully finished by the researcher company. We make a direct bank transaction by your request. This can be made using the withdraw button in your completed tests dashboard.
The study payout depends on the complexity and average duration of the study. Every study invitation contains the information about the duration, the number of scenarios and questions in the study as well as the payout.