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In today's world listening to your customers matters. Make better business decisions with immediate user feedback and insights.

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Sharewell has your audience

We can segment our testers based on the persona attributes you want to target: age, gender, location, speaking languages, work, income and more. Set the parameters you want and we'll your test to the right people.

The software that gives you feedback you need

Top performing companies understand an important role that customer feedback plays in business. They consistently listen to the voice of their clients. If you want to stay ahead of competition you should never stop listening to customer feedback.


Get real-world feedback from people who match exactly who you want to target. No more surveys - online or by phone. Sharewell insures you get the insightful feedback when you need it.


With our built-in quality control, we ensure that the feedback you get is real and verifiable. No crappy answers. Our system detects faulty test answers and excludes those users from your results.

High-quality targeting

Our precise targeting options will give you the exact persona attributes you want. No targeting wrong segments. We'll help you find people who match your target audience even if we don't have them yet.

What customers say

"Sharewell helped us quickly and easily find the right number of test users, which it might take us a week to find. This helped us move faster with development."
Erle Luuk
"Thanks to Sharewell we were able to find users and validate the UX of a website. The user feedback gave us insights for developing a new version of the site."
Artur Puiste
"We wanted to test a prototype of the new feature on users to see if we were moving in the right direction. With the help of Sharewell, we quickly and conveniently found testers and quickly received valuable feedback."
Ave Habakuk

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