Human insights that drive growth

What affects the decision-making processes of your prospects and customers? Sharewell will help you find answers.
Discover, what makes your customers tick.

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Make better marketing decisions

Reach 15000+ users in the Baltics and receive meaningful feedback that will support your marketing decisions.
Get responses quickly and start improving the experience you provide for your users and customers.

Actionable insights from your target audience

Sharewell records people’s experience when they interact with your website or product. 

Focus on the video recording

We'll record the sessions as video so you can see and hear how people interacted with your website or product.

See testers' emotional responses

Video recordings also include participants' webcam footage, which allows you to see how they reacted to your tasks.

Convert speech into text

We automatically transcribe all session audio into text. This allows you to get easy access to the results without the need to scroll through the video recording every single time.

Track every user action

You'll also get extensive information about the participants, their devices and behavior.

Read what our clients have to say

How has the experience been for others?

Start improving quickly

We take the difficulty out of user testing and help you save time and money in the process.

> 15000

participants in Baltics

4 hours

to get first video delivered

48 hours

average test completion time

Pay only for the results

No setup fees or subscriptions. All features are included.

Unmoderated test

25.00/ session


Live interview with participant

45.00/ interview


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Create unlimited amount studies

Create and launch as many tests as you need.

Easy access for all team members

Invite your colleagues and share the study results with them.

Invite your own testers

You can launch studies with your own participants with no extra charge. Just send a generated link to complete the study to your own customers.

See examples

Watch how a test session looks like on Sharewell.

Play Video

Sirk reviews EmmaSleep’s website and what they offer

Play Video

Ken tries to find discounts at CTShirts’ store