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Watch how real users interact with your design, prototype or website. Build great products with the power of customer insights!

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How does it work?

Start gathering feedback from real users in 3 simple steps.

Create tasks

Ask users to complete actions on your website, answer questions or share ideas.

Discover insights and learn

Watch session videos in the form of screen, camera and sound recordings. Save time with transcription and AI-based analysis.

Define your target audience

Filter users by gender, age, location, education, working industry, salary range, etc.

What do you get?

Learn how customers interact with your product, listen to their thoughts and ideas.

Video recordings

See first-hand how people interact with your product as well as hear what they were thinking throughout the session.

Testers' emotional responses

Video recordings also include participants' webcam footage, which allows you to see how they reacted to your tasks.

Speech to text

We automatically transcribe all session audio into text. Get easy access to the results without the need to scroll through the video recording every single time.

Track every user action

Extensive information about the participants, their devices and behavior.

See examples

Watch videos on how users test websites on Sharewell.

Play Video

Ken tries to find discounts at CTShirts’ store

Play Video

Sirk reviews EmmaSleep’s website and what they offer


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3 test sessions with real users for FREE

Unlimited studies

Create and launch as much tests as you need.

Access for all team members

Invite your colleagues and share the study results with them. The number of team members you invite is unlimited as well.

Invite your own audience

You can launch studies with your own participants with no extra charge. Just send a generated link to complete the study to your own customers.

Pay as you go

25.00/ session

3 free sessions included

Feedback from our customers

We’re constantly improving the platform by listening to our customers as well.

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