Our Features

What can we offer to you and what makes us different from the competition?

A simple test building tool

Our simple builder makes the test creating process quick and easy. Define the test requirements, add tasks and questions, invite or hire testers and set the budget for the test. You’ll be done in a few minutes!

We will connect you with suitable testers

You define the type of testers you need and we will send out an invitation to people who fit the profile! Our pool of international testers is always growing. You don’t need to worry about finding suitable participants on your own anymore. Search for and select testers by gender, age, location, working and personal life criteria.

Get feedback on how to make your product better

After creating the test and receiving answers from testers, you can analyse the results. See how testers use your product and react, as well as learn about their behaviours and attitudes towards your product.

Simple pricing

By setting the price you are willing to pay for testers as well as the amount participants, you have control over the entire budget. We’ll also give pay suggestions based on the duration of your tests. This is to attract more suitable testers, but you’ll still have the final say!

Tools that simplify session analysis

Session analysis is easier thanks to our set of helpful widgets. Use speed controls, clip creation or notes widgets to make analysis faster and smoother.

Quantitative data and charts

Aggregate session results into quantitative and charts with our reports tool. This will allow you to see over-all study statistics, trends and help make general conclusions.

Emotional analysis

Our new emotional analysis tool will help you understand how testers felt during the test sessions, which emotions sparked during tasks and what the general emotion of the session was. We track facial movements and divide them into seven different groups.


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