Who we are?

Our vision

Google empowers people to find information on the world-wide-web. Facebook nurtures personal connections online. Uber makes transportation affordable and accessible for all.

Sharewell was founded to help businesses create awesome products for their customers. We believe that the best way to build digital products is by listening to your target audience.

User testing with Sharewell gives you access to insights that help you make educated product decisions and better deliver better customer experience. After all, the best product developer is your customer.

The idea

Before Sharewell, we stumbled upon a big issue – old methods of customer research were slow, expensive, and the results were vague at best. There was no easy way to conduct product research cheap, fast, and with the right audience. All existing solutions could only offer one or the other, but not the whole package.

That’s why we’ve built Sharewell – to make user testing accessible for everyone.

Our stunning team

Sten Kreisberg

Co-Founder & CEO

Igor Murujev

Co-Founder & CTO

Igor Eremeev

Software Engineer

Mark Müürsoo

Marketing Specialist

Kristjan Raude

Lead investor / Advisor